ALTEX-STROY LLC is a full-cycle construction and investment company built on the basis of information technologies and project management systems, performing a full range of construction: from design and approval to turnkey delivery.


Construction Services

ALTEX-STROY LLC has been successfully implementing various construction projects as a general contractor since 2007.

The main task of ALTEX-STROY LLC as a general contractor is to synchronize and unite the efforts of subcontractors aimed at achieving the required result. The undoubted advantage for the customer is the possibility to interact with only one person - a representative of ALTEX-STROY LLC having the status of a project manager.

It is important to note that it is the general contractor, by virtue of the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation, is the person carrying out the construction. Accordingly, he bears the entire responsibility related to the organization of construction, interacts with all supervisory and controlling authorities, etc.

We are ready to offer the performance of general contractor functions both as part of a comprehensive general contract and as an independent service, separate from the performance of construction and installation works at the site.


Technical Client

The Technical Client organizes and manages the construction process on behalf of the investor.

The need for such services arises not only when the investor does not have its own construction personnel and would like to fully delegate the support of the construction process, but also in cases when there is a need for individual actions, for example, support in obtaining a building permit or commissioning of the facility, changing the type of permitted use of the land plot, obtaining or extending technical conditions, etc.

ALTEX-STROY LLC has its own Technical Customer Service (Construction Customer), ready to provide a range of services of any complexity.


General Design

It is no secret that competent, complete and accurately developed project documentation is the basis for successful construction.

Only with the project, which corresponds to all current norms and rules, it is possible to pass the expertise of design documentation in the shortest possible time, and only such a project will become not a hindrance, but a guide and helper in the process of construction and installation works.

ALTEX-STROY LLC is ready to offer you such projects. We have extensive experience of cooperation with expert institutions and are ready to support the project and at the stage of obtaining a positive conclusion.

Often there is a need not only to design "from scratch", but also to optimize previously developed design solutions.

It is connected with various factors: changes in normative acts, customer's wishes, needs to reduce the cost of project realization. ALTEX-STROY LLC employees are highly qualified, which allows us to successfully implement the necessary adjustments.

An interesting direction of designing today is the creation of author's design projects, individualized in accordance with the special wishes of the customer.

ALTEX-STROY LLC can offer to use unconventional layouts, innovative materials, including foreign supplies, extraordinary design solutions, both interesting and practical.


EPC contract

EPC is a so-called "full cycle" contract - the contractor is responsible for the design, supply, construction, commissioning and start-up of the project.

The EPC contract is often used when the client does not have its own service capable of managing the construction project, does not want to interfere in such management and assume the associated risks. EPC is also one of the main contractual forms in projects that are financed with the help of banks or other financial institutions (especially project financing), as banks, when granting a loan, seek to ensure that the project company assumes as few risks as possible.

EPC-contract, of course, with the right choice of EPC-contractor is the most convenient and reliable solution for the customer: he needs to administer only one contract, the responsibility for terms, quality and production performance of the object is based on the principle of "one window", violations by one or more subcontractors do not give the EPC-contractor the right to extend the terms or release from liability.


EPC contract characteristics:

Performance by the EPC contractor of a full cycle of works: design, supply, construction;
High limit of contractor's responsibility;
The contractor has greater autonomy in the construction process, which reduces the overall construction time;
Most contractual risks, including the risks of unforeseen costs and delays, are borne by the EPC contractor;
A firm price, which in most cases can be a lump sum price. It should be noted that the definition of price as firm and lump sum does not exclude the circumstance that a price breakdown or estimate may emerge during the design process. Any excess cost of work, equipment or materials over the contract price is charged to the EPC contractor. Excluded are changes in the scope or composition of work initiated by the client, force majeure events, failure of the client to fulfill its obligations under the EPC contract.