One of our key priorities is to maintain a safe working environment for our employees during production tasks. By ensuring the right level of safety, we achieve a better result.

Cooperating with the largest companies in Russia, ALTEX-STROY LLC realizes its responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions, protection of health of personnel and population working at the facilities, as well as preservation of favorable environment.

Work in the field of industrial safety, occupational safety and environmental protection at the facilities is organized and carried out in accordance with the federal legislation and is an integral part of sustainable development of the company and one of the priority activities.
Basic provisions
Primary tasks
  • Prevention of incidents and accidents
  • Accident prevention
  • Preventing occupational diseases and minimizing the number of injuries
  • Improving working conditions
  • Ensuring fire safety
  • Consistent, year after year, reduction of the negative impact on the environment
  • Preservation of natural conditions in the areas where economic activities are carried out
Basic Principles
  • Commitment of the company's management to managing health, safety and environmental activities and providing the resources necessary for its effective functioning.
  • Compliance with the requirements of current legislation, standards, norms and rules of the Russian Federation in the field of industrial safety, labor and environmental protection.
  • Continuous improvement of our health, safety and environmental performance.
  • The requirement for contractors and suppliers working at the facilities to apply and comply with standards and norms in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment.
  • Improvement of the system of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel in the field of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection.
  • Assess and manage occupational risks to company employees, contractors, visitors, the public and environmental aspects that have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Implementation of the entire available set of measures to reduce risks and prevent emergencies, and in case of their occurrence - to localize and eliminate the consequences.
  • Transparency and openness of the results of the Company's activities in the field of occupational health and safety and environmental protection for federal, regional, municipal authorities, and the public, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.
  • Participation of all employees in the Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System improvement program is an essential condition for the system's functioning.
  • Encouragement of employees who have achieved specific results in implementing new environmental technologies, improving working conditions and ensuring a high production culture.
Main objectives
  • Ensuring personal responsibility of managers and direct executives for compliance with labor, environmental and industrial safety requirements;
  • Constant formation of a positive image of ALTEX-STROY LLC as a company focused on the priority of preserving the life and health of employees;
  • Improvement of production culture, educational and professional level of employees in the field of labor protection, environmental protection and fire safety;
  • Taking into account the opinions of employees and other stakeholders in the management of occupational safety, environmental protection and industrial safety in the company.
Occupational Safety and Health
  • Protection of the life and health of an employee in the course of his work;
  • Ensuring appropriate work and rest regimes for employees in accordance with labor legislation and other regulatory legal acts containing labor law norms;
  • Provision of employees with special clothing, special shoes and other personal protective equipment, sanitary and household provision of employees;
  • Organization and provision of training, professional development of labor protection workers;
  • Establishment of compensation for employees engaged in work with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions;
  • esponse to accidents and occupational diseases (investigation of accidents and occupational diseases, identification of root causes, as well as their elimination);
  • Protection of the interests of workers affected by industrial accidents and occupational diseases on the basis of compulsory social insurance of employees;
  • Ensuring financing of measures aimed at creating safe working conditions;
  • Improvement of the occupational health and safety management system;
Environmental protection
  • Identification of the main sources negatively affecting the environment during the construction period;
  • Evaluate the impact of identified sources;
  • Development of a set of measures to reduce environmental impact;
  • Inclusion of measures to reduce the negative environmental impact in the relevant section of the project documentation;
  • Fulfillment of environmental protection requirements at construction sites.
Industrial security
  • Access to the construction site is only possible with a special pass.
  • Admission to the construction site only after confirming their qualifications.
  • Admission to the construction site only in specialized clothing, special footwear and other personal protective equipment.
  • Conducting mandatory induction, initial, repeated, unscheduled and targeted safety briefings.
  • Daily check for drug or alcohol intoxication.
  • Organization of control over the state of working conditions at workplaces, as well as the correct application of personal and collective protection equipment by employees.
  • Periodic first aid, health and safety briefings.
  • Conducting mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations.
  • Organization of information corners with safety information materials, stands, signs, posters.