The main resource of the company is its employees. Thanks to a team of professionals we perform all works qualitatively and on time. Our employees participate in projects all over the country. The team of professionals includes only the strongest and most responsible people.

What is work at ALTEX-STROY?

  • Official employment
  • Competitive remuneration
  • White salary and financial stability
  • Corporate mobile communication
  • Corporate discounts on sports
  • Career growth
and career
  • Smooth start: time to adapt
  • Opportunity to develop new competencies and professional growth in the company
  • Unique training system for each employee based on individual development plans
  • Green light for new ideas and suggestions: we often do things that others don't dare to do
training<br>and career<br>development
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Friendly team
  • Entertainment and sporting events
  • Interesting work in a fast-growing company
  • Bonuses based on personal and team achievements
  • Targeted support: payments on pleasant occasions and assistance in unforeseen situations
On the object
  • Provision of housing
  • Transfer to and from the object
  • Organization of eating place
  • Provision of special personal protective equipment and seasonal special clothing
  • Equipped workplace
  • Internet and office equipment for working
On the object

Look, what awaits you


Project Manager
Leads the team, builds workflow, manages and supervises project participants, ensures and achieves project goals within the given timeframe
Section foreman
Organizes work on the project, ensures uninterrupted production of work, coordinates and supervises all work on the project site
Cost Estimate Engineer
Estimates the financial costs of the project and monitors their continued compliance
Supervises accuracy during the execution of work, accompanies all construction work performed
PTO Engineer
Maintains documentary support of all construction and installation works
Construction superintendent/
Organizes the labor process, coordinates and supervises subcontractors and workers at the assigned object
Occupational safety specialist
Conducts briefings, training and testing of knowledge of labor protection requirements
Construction Supervision Engineer
Controls the quality of work performed and materials used for compliance with the project
Design engineer
Performs calculations of structures, develops design solutions, design and working documentation on relevant sections

Selection process

Send resume to:
Go through a telephone interview with an HR specialist
If your resume is a good fit for us
Go through
an interview with a direct supervisor
Get a job offer
  • We retain all resumes we receive with your consent
  • If you do not find a suitable vacancy, you can send us your resume, in case of suitable vacancies, we will contact you without fail
  • We try to provide feedback in a timely manner. If we are delayed in responding, feel free to remind ourselves
  • It also happens that during the interview process we realize that you might be interested in another job